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Our food baskets are provided by our local Artisan deli, Basil Leaf.


Situated in the heart of Winchester, Basil Leaf Deli opened their doors in 2021, and focus on providing best selling cheeses, charcuterie, baked goods, wines and much more. The sister-run business sources the highest quality goods and we’re thrilled to be working with a local independent business.

Baskets can be purchased through your Airbnb reservation.

Simply message us and we will send a request for payment. 


£60 Including wine

£46 Excluding wine

  • Saucisson

  • Brie de Meaux

  • Comte

  • Old Winchester

  • Pecorino Truffle

  • Morbier

  • Camembert

  • Quince paste

  • Perello Olives Tin

  • Peppas stuffed with Cheese

  • Smokey salamanca olives

  • Peters Yard Original Sourdough Crackers

  • Mas La Chevaliere Pinot Noir IGP Pays, D'oc


£45 Including wine

£30 Excluding wine

  • La Tua Pasta Fresh Egg tagliatelle 250g

  • Pancetta Gelli 200g

  • Parmigiano Reggiano 100g

  • Red Pepper Tapenade

  • Loose garlic

  • Vale Farm Free Range Eggs

  • Perello Olives Tin 350g

  • Bradleys Quench Sicilian Lemonade 750ml

  • Diforti Taralli Olive Oil 200g

  • Diforti Gluten Free Hazelnut Chocolate cannoli 150g

  • Mas La Chevaliere Pinot Noir IGP

bbq hamper

BBQ hamper

Price £60 

  • Macneil's Dry Cured Beech Smoked Bacon 160g

  • Macneil's Beechwood Hot Smoked Free Range

       Chicken Breast 180-200g

  • Macneil's Smoked Salmon 100g

  • Fresh Italian Sausages approx 300g

  • Halloumi Original Cheese 250g

  • Raclette 100g

  • Cocktail Nut Mix 100g

  • Dylans BBQ Sauce 280g

  • Beef Biltong Original 50g

  • Beers:

  • Butcombe Original 500ml

  • Butcombe Gold 500ml

  • Torres Black Truffle 125g

  • Mas La Chevaliere Pinot Noir IGP



Price £40

  • Cherry Tomatoes 150g

  • Peppas stuffed with cheese 100g

  • La tua pasta fresh egg tagliatelle 250g

  • Sweet garlic with herbs 100g

  • Le Conserve della Nonna Pomodoro 350g

  • Perello Olives Gordal 350g

  • Old winchester 100g

  • Peters yard Original crackers 105g

  • Halloumi Original 250g

  • Cornish Yarg 100g

  • Pulled Jackfruit Beef Style

  • Membrillo Quince

  • Diforti Baci Di Dama Chocolates 150g

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